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TMJ consultation

In our temporomandibular joint consultation, we detect dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joints and dentition, among other things, using manual structural analysis.

Malfunctions of the temporomandibular joints (CMD – craniomandibular dysfunction) can creep in quite unnoticed. Often, attention is focused only on the jaw because no other cause can be found for subsequent complaints. These include headaches, pain in the neck/shoulder area or in the face, difficulty swallowing, tinnitus, balance disorders or migraine. Direct symptoms of CMD can be chewing difficulties or cracking noises in the jaw.

In our TMJ consultation, we perform a CMD diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment. We use manual structural analysis, a proven set of manual jaw examination techniques. In many cases, interdisciplinary cooperation with other medical specialists or even physiotherapists is useful. You will find a physiotherapy practice conveniently located right next to us in the medical center. After clarifying the causes of the symptoms, we will work with you to implement an individual therapy with the goal of long-term freedom from symptoms.