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Pediatric Dentistry

Children are special patients – it’s good if you’re a dentist who specializes in just that.

Children’s teeth should be checked regularly from the first milk tooth onwards. You don’t have to be a parent yourself to know that the usual standard procedure in dental offices comes across as rather intimidating to little ones. In addition, a child’s dentition poses special dental requirements in terms of prevention and treatments.

With additional studies in pediatric dentistry, completed with a Master of Science (M.Sc.), your trusted dentist Fátima Azofra has excellent qualifications, which she has built on with many years of practical experience. Therefore, she not only knows what children’s teeth need to stay healthy in the long term. Thanks to her empathy and approachability, she also reliably manages to get children to participate by addressing them in the right way and to allay their fears. Consequently, pediatric dentistry is one of the focal points of our practice.