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During dental implantation, an “artificial tooth root” is anchored in the jaw. Once it has grown in, it supports dental prostheses as reliably as a natural root.

A dental implant is usually made of titanium, which is both physically compatible and resilient. Dental prostheses can be screwed into or onto the implant using a threaded receptacle and can also be removed if required. Furthermore, one implant can support several artificial teeth so that an entire jaw can be prosthetically restored with only four implants.

Compared to the alternatives – especially bridges – implant-supported dentures are more visually appealing because they cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. It also protects the neighboring teeth, which have to be ground down for a bridge. It also offers enormous aesthetic and functional advantages compared to removable (partial) dentures.

For these and other reasons, which we will be happy to explain in more detail during a consultation, dental implants have become the top solution for missing teeth in recent decades. We have many years of experience in implantology and the most modern equipment – and we are also happy to help you and answer all your questions.