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Splint therapy

With an occlusal splint, temporomandibular joint disorders can be counteracted effectively and easily, thus avoiding serious late effects in the future.

Teeth grinding? Feel tension in the morning? The jaw joint cracks while eating breakfast? The problems are all treatable with proper splint therapy. For this, a correct diagnosis is the key, and in doing so we try to determine the cause of the grinding. This is called CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction). The result is often damage to the dentition, but also radiating pain in the head, neck and shoulder area and even tinnitus, migraine or balance disorders. In addition to CMD, frequent teeth grinding can also cause some of these effects and discomfort.

The antidote is called a bite splint. Die individuell angefertigte und ursacheorientierte Kunststoffschiene wird nachts getragen und verhindert Zähneknirschen. Sometimes this requires manual therapy, which can also be performed at our medical center.

We will be happy to advise you in detail on the suitability of this therapy method for your problem. In this context, please note that we also offer a special TMJ consultation where we perform a manual structural analysis.