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With thorough preventive care – including regular professional dental cleaning – many diseases with their inconveniences and subsequent costs can be prevented. “Prevention not Intervention.

Prevention is better than any therapy! Most dental diseases would be preventable. Consistent dental prophylaxis will not only save you pain and aesthetic losses in the long term, but also some additional payments. Prevention starts with oral hygiene at home, where there are many things you can do wrong.

The tartar is removed along with the plaque and at the same time discolorations are gone, such as those caused by tea, coffee or smoker’s deposits. (from e.g. tea, coffee or smoker’s deposits).

Professional dental cleaning is the cornerstone for many years of dental health. When and how often this should be done depends on the patient and the risk of disease. As a rule, this is recommended 2 times a year. We will be happy to advise you individually on how to make dental care at home as effective as possible.