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With Invisalign, misaligned teeth can be corrected without conspicuous braces, because the corrective splint is practically “invisible” and, moreover, removable.

We are also here for you if you want to have straight teeth. Comfortable, removable, beautiful and transparent: no one will notice that you are correcting your teeth. We treat our patients with the use of the world-renowned Invisalign external laboratory, pioneer in the production of transparent braces. The latest technology is used to create precision-fit splints made of high-quality, transparent plastic. You usually get between 3-4 splints with you at your check-up appointments. You change these yourself every 1 or 2 weeks, why? the tooth movement is beautifully programmed and is slowly transferred to the teeth, so that the desired tooth situation is achieved painlessly.

As a great advantage over other methods, such as fixed braces, is not only that no one sees it, but also that the oral hygiene measures can be kept. When you take off the splints, you can eat normally and brush or floss your teeth well, because at that moment you are no longer wearing braces.

Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the position of your teeth, come to us for a free consultation. We individually analyze your case and advise you personally & in detail about the Invisalign treatment principle and its suitability for you.