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Bleaching / Teeth whitening

Bleaching is the easy, fast way to whiter teeth – and has the greatest effect when performed by professionals.

Bleaching involves the application of a bleaching agent to the enamel, the effect of which is enhanced with UV light. Discoloration of the teeth, caused for example by coffee, tea or cigarettes, is thus made to disappear. The overall appearance of your dentition will be significantly brightened with bleaching. There are different treatment methods, either you do our home bleaching yourself at home or you choose chair bleaching in the office.

It is true that there are also “do it yourself” bleachings from the drugstore. However, these usually have only a small effect and/or often contain questionable ingredients. Those who are serious about teeth whitening should therefore take the professional option, which we also offer in our practice. We will be happy to explain to you during a preliminary examination what exactly happens during bleaching and whether the procedure is suitable for you.

Let us make your smile shine.